2010 Vintage Port tasting by Wine Passion Magazine – great news!

2010 Vintage Port tasting by Wine Passion Magazine

In February 2013 Wine Passion Magazine carried through a tasting of 2010 Vintage Port. Active Port lovers know that in 2010 Port producers harvested good grapes and made nice Port. But this was not an outstanding vintage, as 2007 or more recently 2011 were. Despite that, we had 3.000 liters made with grapes from our main vineyards, Quinta Vale d’Agodinho, which we believe it’s quite good. This batch pretty much respects what a good harvest in Vale d’Agodinho has: fresh, well ripened fruit without being jammy, some spiciness and a bit of mineral notes, mostly obtained from the grapes in the area facing north. Tannins are compact without being harsh. This is how my sister Claudia defines the Ports we make there. And we think 2010 has all that. Thus, we decided to bottle 3.000 bottles of a Single Quinta Vintage Port as we thought would be a shame to blend with something else and leave our friends without the chance to taste it.

Going back to Wine Passion Magazine, it happens that, for them, the 2010 Vintage that stands out the most is our Quevedo – Quinta Vale d’Agodinho. Great news for us certainly! We are always happy when we see people liking and enjoying our Ports. But, as important as journalists’ opinion, is what you all think about our Ports, and, in this case, about the 2010 Single Quinta Vintage. Let us know. Send your tasting notes and help us to complete this text with “users’” opinions. I’ll post it right below.



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  • Thomas

    Parebens à Claudia e ao Oscar!
    You kocked out both of my usual local favourites!

    • Oscar Quevedo

      Obrigado Thomas! You have been away for long time. Any plans to visit the motherland?

  • Thomas

    sorry for the missing ‘n’! It is supposed to mean: knocked

  • Alex

    There are stories on the forums that Quevedo is declaring a 2011 vintage port. Should we expect a new blog story soon? When will you be bottling? Will we see any pictures or video of the bottling lines? Thanks.

    • Oscar Quevedo

      Hi Alex, I can confirm the stories. Actually, we have our 2011 Vintage approved since March 12th but for a reason or other, still haven’t put that on-line. However, something will go up soon, very soon!