Q. V. Agodinho 2

In 1991 Quevedo was created as a brand of Port, following the passionate dedication of the previous generations. The grand parents of our parents had already been dedicated to the production of wine. The vineyards of our mother’s family, the Morais Fernandes, were located in Linhares de Ansiães, in the Carrazeda district, on the right bank of the Douro River. The main property of the family is Quinta da Alegria, crossed by the Douro railroad and with a station with the same name as the vineyard, Alegria. From our father’s, the production of the family Costa was located in Valongo dos Azeites, in S. João da Pesqueira, place known not just for the olive oil (azeite) which gives the name but also for the fresh flavour of its dry white wine. read more…


It is a long and uncertain road from the selection of the land up to the glass of wine at home or in a table of a restaurant. Due to the family tradition of wine production, the first part was not a problem: our family already had much experience in the cultivation and winemaking of the grapes. What were missing was the marketing, selling the bottled wine it produced; and many years had gone when it finally was possible. Maybe it was our great grandfather Raul`s phrase what fed these concerns: “Table wine (not port) just brings consumption”.

Some more steps were needed to close the cycle with which our father dreamt about: “From the vine to the glass”. Historically, Port marketing has been directed to a consumer with more than 50 years old, read more…



The Quevedo cellar is located in S. João da Pesqueira, a small town in the heart of Douro Valley. Its 8000 square meters with a single mission: to pour the richness of the vineyards in each bottle.

After being picked manually, the grapes are brought in small containers to the cellar. There they are warmly received and checked in order to determine its temperature, acidity, colour and its baumé. Separated from the stalk and softly smashed, the grapes are placed in bins where they begin the process of fermentation. So natural yeasts transform the sugar of the grapes into alcohol. When producing port fermentation is interrupted with the addition of brandy and so Porto Quevedo is born. read more…


Quevedo FamilyFrom left to right: Oscar Quevedo, Beatriz Morais Quevedo, Oscar Quevedo (Jr.), João Quevedo, Cláudia Quevedo, Fernando João Martins and the little Beatriz Quevedo de Castro Martins. read more


During the first year of the blog, we had a vast team of contributors: Cláudia Quevedo, Oscar Quevedo (Jr.), Pedro Pardinhas, Bruno Pinto and Nadia Adria. Lately, only Oscar is writing.