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Wine tastings in Douro Museum

On July 25th Quevedo did not only participate in the American Wine Bloggers Conference, but also showed its wines in the tastings organized by the Douro Museum in Régua, Portugal. The last three weekends, this museum had space dedicated to the wine producers of the region . This weekend Quevedo was featured. In addition to […]

Where To Go When Visiting Porto

The city of Porto is known for giving the name to Port Wine, and is like a balcony on Vila Nova de Gaia, the place where the tastings that decided the declaration of a Vintage were formerly done. It’s also in Vila Nova de Gaia where are located the cellars of the traditional companies of the […]

In Porto, Art & Culture Should Go With Port Wine, Not With Whisky

The Miguel Bombarda Street, in the center of city of Porto, is known by its high concentration of art galleries. Gradually, during last decade, houses and old shops were remodeled into areas dedicated to the art. But just lately some effort has been put in the promotion and  advertising of this space. A sign of […]

So many flavours… so many things to discover

As promised, here I am to share with you my last experiences about pairing Port Wine with food. The first experience was at the bachelor party of a friend, where the best man cooked a fantastic pasta alla norma (with eggplant and tomatoes), a recipe of the well known chef Jamie Oliver. For the wine […]

Pairing Port, how easy?

A lot has been spoken about pairing wine and food. In the internet there are a lot of websites that seek to offer the best suggestions about the perfect pair between a wine and a good dish. The final purpose is always to relish both wine and food in its fullness. I invite you to […]

Quevedo sharing

In this blog, together with all cybernauts Quevedo can share experiences and let the world know all joys and setbacks that a Port Wine producer daily faces. Launch a blog is one more demanding challenge adding to all others that are needed to overcome in the tough, but rewarding, reality in which a wine producer […]

Quinta Sra do Rosário

The highest of the Quevedo vineyards is located 2,130 feet high and is also the oldest and most respectable quinta planted 40 years ago. Because of its locations, the wines of this field are always the last to be pruned and harvested. Therefore form Quinta da Senhora do Rosário we obtain red fruity, concentrated and […]

Quinta da Trovisca

One and a half miles away from S. Joao da Pesqueira stands Quinta da Trovisca, 38 acres of robust vines of touriga nacional, touriga franca, sousão and tinta roriz. January is the optimal for prune, due to the local micro-climate while the vintage is taken in the third week of September. Trovisca’s soil facilitates the […]