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Music-pairing: Ros with Ruby?

Last week, we were watching Porto-Arsenal at a friend’s and scar brought the new Ros Port for a preview tasting. Forgetting football, food and friends, the Ros was the best part of the evening. And somewhere in the second glass of it, a music came to my mind as a perfect pair for the wine: […]

10 Ways of Celebrating the end of the Harvest

After picking up the last grapes, in Quevedo we are planing to do some activities to relax our muscles after the hard work. For those who have never harvested in the Douro, these may seem extreme sports; for us are a just a fun entertainment: To swim in the Douro river against the flow, towards […]

How Many Grapes are there in a Bottle of Port?

This is simple Port mathematics! Lets do it step by step: Port wine is 80% the best must from the Douro and 20% brandy; a bottle of 0.75L of wine requires roughly 1 kg of grapes, whereas brandy, a distilled drink, is much more demanding: 7 kg per liter! Well, imagine a bottle of 0,75 […]

The Côa Valley and its Paleolithic carvings – Côa Museum will come soon

From Porto departed 20 Douro lovers for a weekend of good friends, good food, good wine and many laughs. And this time we didn’t only dive in the river (we didn’t miss the Côa!) but also in the prehistory that vibrates in Foz-Côa: we visited the Paleolithic carvings of the Côa valley, drawings of aurochs, […]

What About a Tailored Port?

I have a friend who makes musical logos; he asks the companies to describe themselves, studies them and composes music that speaks as they would sing. By the way, he has a website, Badly compared, my idea would be making a Port like that: a Port that would taste to what one is, seen […]

The First Port In Space? Quevedo, Of Course!

Some months ago, I heard that for Mrio Ferreira, the man that transports most people up and down the Douro RIver(he owns Douro Azul cruises), The World is not enough. Therefore, he decided to embark in a spacecraft to travel in space, and he’ll be the first Portuguese doing it; just like a modern Gil […]

Birthday Gifts: This Year, A Book; The Helicopter Will Come Next

I received a book today, two weeks after my birthday. I could say it is gorgeous, but exact word may be tasty, or something that tastes so good that one wants to save it for somo special occasion. As I don’t know when will that occasion come, I didn’t resist nor felt sorry: I opened […]

Spying in Saint Emilion

Hello again, back to the story of my tour de France. In the day after the Vintage tasting, I got Denis’ bike on the train and departed to Saint Emilion. Less than an hour after, I was in a lovely medieval village, very touristic and well preserved: almost a case-study of historical heritage conservation, and […]

Quevedo Conquers France

Hello, I’m back; I have been in France for the last couple of weeks, and I can say that this trip was the beginning of a new relationship with wine and the life that it represents. I’ve been for three days in Bordeaux, region that is considered by many – in fact, many don’t know […]

Quevedo in France

Hello again, it is the ex-water-drinker. I am just departing for two adventure weeks in France, hitch-hiking in a truck to arrive tomorrow in Bordeaux, where people are waiting for me. I chose Bordeaux as the first stop for its reputation as a wine region, almost like the French Douro. I’m staying at a couple […]