Bad weather conditions damage our winery

Damages at the winery - roof flu away

The bad weather of the last week-end left a trace of destruction almost everywhere in Portugal. After landslides reported in Azores, heavy rain in the north and center of Portugal with floods in the Tejo valley, in the Douro the troblemaker was the wind. At our winery, the most affected part was the roof of our stainless steel bins cellar. 30% of it flu away. And guess where the pieces of the roof flu to? Right, to the middle of the vineyards!

This is definitively not a big issue, only material damage reported. But we will need some weeks to repair our winery and restore the coverage of the different building affected.

And as this was not enough, yesterday we lost the phone connection…

If you are visiting us these days, you already know what is waiting for you!

OscarWinery's roof in the middle of the vineyard