How genius taste wine

Crusted Port – the next thing from Quevedo

Have you asked my grandfather five years ago if we produce Crusted Port, he would have replied: “What is that?”. Maybe you react like him when hear the words Crusted Port. So, lets clarify what is Crusted Port: a high quality Port, that READ MORE

Last days of harvest in the Douro valley – 2011, put it on the list

I would like to give you an update about what is going in the Douro valley. The weather has been pretty good, clear and with plenty of sunshine, meaning that the grapes are very healthy and clean. We are now finishing harvest in READ MORE

Wine blogs in traditional wine magazines

I guess we all agree that wine blogs and wine social media overall are becoming more and more popular amongst wine consumers. Traditional media, like newspaper or specialized wine magazines are living a concerning period as more and more people prefer to look READ MORE

Using English terms on Port Wine bottles

The influence of the British culture on the Port Wine industry started some centuries ago when the first British merchants came to Portugal and set up their exporting business in Vila Nova de Gaia. Actually, the arrival of the British coincides with the READ MORE

2010 Oscar’s white – our new project is just coming out

Dear follower of my blog, The Oscar’s wine project is going pretty well. So well, that we were challenged to come up not only with a red but also with a white Oscar’s wine. Spring has already begun and Summer is around the READ MORE

Villar d'Allen 20 Year Old Port, the restart of a family with a long tradition

I have already talked here about one of the most interesting discoveries in the Port history of the last years. I’m talking about Villar d’Allen, a family with a very respectable and fascinating past as Port Wine producers and merchants. Fortunately, for the READ MORE

Can a Colheita be topped off with a younger Port and still be called a Colheita?

This is a recurrent theme on the specialized Port Wine forums. Whether you go to For the Love of Port or to The Port Forum, you will find this questions unanswered. Actually, I think there is no answer for this, not from the READ MORE

Oscar's 2009 is ready for the fight

2010 is about to finish, but before we enter 2011, we want to present you the second edition of our Douro wine Oscar’s. First released in 2009, Oscar’s is a social, friendly and easy-going Douro wine. Made with grapes from Quinta da Trovisca, READ MORE

In the Douro wine region, which bank of the Douro river produces more wine?

In the Douro buy finasteride online india wine region, which bank of the Douro river produces more wine?/ Na região demarcada do Douro, qual das margem do rio produz mais vinho?survey software Yesteday, while I was in an event, which I’ll cover latter READ MORE

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