2008 Quinta Vale d’Agodinho Quevedo Vintage Port

During the last month we have been busy not only making newest wine from harvest this but also preparing the bottling of a Port Wine from 2008 harvest. We had in our winery a small blend of Ports from our main vineyard, Quinta READ MORE

Why is Sweden a special market for wine? Because of the Systembolaget

Image by quevedoports via Flickr For several reasons Sweden is a very special market for wine: State control of ALL retail alcohol sales of over 3.5% ABV high taxes on alcohol beverages restriction in the number of brands and types of wines listed READ MORE

If you live in the US I have a proposal for you

Editor’s note: the offer is over, we sold 50% of the stock and folks are happy with the offer! If you live in the US this post is for you. You probably know that our wines are finally available in the US. My READ MORE

Fungus developing inside a broken bottle of Quevedo LBV 2003

Anyone has any idea of what is this on the photo? This is one of the most interesting things I learnt in the last weeks. I’ll explain where this comes from. We were preparing two of the four remaining pallets of LBV 2003 READ MORE

Wine in an one-glass bag; is this what modern consumer wants?

This is an easy photo, does not need much explanation. Last week, while we were exhibiting at the LIWF, in London, a friend came to my booth and showed me this bag. At the beginning I thought that this was a great idea, READ MORE

Music pairing Rose Port

Last week, we were watching Porto-Arsenal at a friend’s and Óscar brought the new Rosé Port for a preview tasting. Forgetting football, food and friends, the Rosé was the best part of the evening. And somewhere in the second glass of it, a READ MORE

Rose Port: many consumers loved it but some still say this is not Port

It is time to ask for your opinion. Six months after we have first released our Rose Port and 3 months after we had run out of it, Rose Port is controversial. Many people think Rose Port was a great idea. But there READ MORE

Pairing Quevedo Rose Port and Nespresso Leggero

During the last week-end in the Porto & Douro Wine Show, which took place in Lisbon, there was something that caught my attention: Port and coffee parings! Great experience to have a sip of Nespresso Leggero coffee, followed by a sip of our READ MORE

How well is ageing our single varietal Port Wine?

Honestly I don’t really know how are the Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Sousão, Tinto Cão and Tinta Roriz Ports aging. They are already in 250 liters barrels and after Christmas we will make the first tasting. Any volunteers to help us? Meanwhile, I READ MORE

Is there more "Port Wine" in the world besides the one produced in the Douro?

During my trip to Hong Kong there was something that made me sad. Over the last four of five years I have been realizing how difficult is to build a brand. As said, only the first 100 years are difficult. And this is READ MORE

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