A weekend walking along the Douro railway

An ambitious project of the end of the XIX century, with the aim of connecting the northeast of Portugal to the Spanish city of Salamanca, inspired the kings of both countries to work together in a railroad endeavour. On the Portuguese side, the railroad was built along the Douro river while on the Spanish side […]

The bishop of Norwich Port tradition – pass the Port!

Port Wine is surrounded by myths and traditions. There are plenty of them from Port production to Port consumption. One that we can still experience today in terms of Port production is the one that forbade ladies to step into the lagar to tread grapes. Old people say ladies can spoil Port if they tread […]

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How to pronounce Port and Portuguese wine words

On his first visit to our winery, in July 2012, Christopher Pfaff, a Port Wine lover from Germany who runs Passion Portwein, made a video with me explaining how to pronounce the Portuguese terms used in the Port business. They are mostly related with Port varieties and Port aging. But there are few others that […]

Japan, the country that everybody should discover

For the first time in my life, I have visited Japan. I was not there in a personal trip, as I had wished. Actually, I’ve spent only three days on business, as we are determined to find distribution for our wines in the land of rising sun. I had a lot of expectations for this […]

Construction of the future Tua dam in the Douro valley

Humans have always used nature to take advantage for their own interests. For many centuries that the Douro river was used for Port Wine transport, from the area we know as Douro valley to Vila Nova de Gaia, where Port would then be shipped for exports. The boat people used was the rabelo. With the […]

Life on the Douro in the Douro Film Harvest

The 2011 edition of the Douro Film Harvest, which starts today on September 5th, is the festival elected by Zev Robinson to present his newest documentary already mentioned on this blog for a couple of times, Life on the Douro. Zev started shooting for the film over one year ago, which at that time would […]

Tokaji Asz˙ and Tokaji Essencia – why it is worth to visit Hungary

Tokaj is the name of the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, located in the northeast of the current boundaries of Hungary. The region gives its name to the wine, Tokaji, which together with Port, are two of the most well known wines in the world. Although there is also dry Tokaji, the sweet […]

Villar d’Allen 20 Year Old Port, the restart of a family with a long tradition

I have already talked here about one of the most interesting discoveries in the Port history of the last years. I’m talking about Villar d’Allen, a family with a very respectable and fascinating past as Port Wine producers and merchants. Fortunately, for the Port Wine lovers and collectors, Allen family is back in business. Few […]

People from the Douro say, and believe…

A couple of weeks ago, my sister, Claudia, came across old texts about the Douro, written by Portuguese writers. I think it is worth to share it: “People from the Douro say, and believe, that they have the best cabbage in Portugal, the best wine in the world, bread like no one still makes it, […]

Proud to be local

A few days ago I was in England for a Port and Douro wine tasting in The Square & Compasses, an old pub located in Fuller Street, in Fairstead, Essex. Fuller Street is a very small village, with under 50 people, where everybody knows each other and where life is relaxed and very enjoyable. The […]