Port Wine in Canada and the challenges of the LCBO

Last month, for the first time, I visited Canada. I was in Toronto for the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, an event in which final consumers have access to a broad range of wines, from all parts of the world. By paying some READ MORE

Harvard University hosts a seminar about the Douro and Port Wine

Today I was in one of those places that you don’t really know if you will ever have a chance to visit during your life, though you know that you really wanted to. It is a well respected place, for its history, tradition READ MORE

The Douro goes to California

The presentation of film Life on the Douro in California came to the end. Judging by the comments of the people it was a large success. Those who have never been neither in the Douro or Porto, could see how beautiful and breathtaking READ MORE

Life on the Douro in California and Toronto

It has arrived the moment to share with you (at least to some of) the documentary Life on the Douro. I have been talking about it several times during the last year. Almost every single visit that Zev Robinson, its father, was making READ MORE

European Wine Bloggers Conference and a Live dégorgement

Another European wine bloggers conference gone. This time we met in Brescia, Franciacorta, Italy. As expected, there was a big focus on the sparkling wines from Franciacorta, which are nowadays known not only in Europe but a little bit everywhere. As I am READ MORE

Naked Wines Tour 2011 – one week of tastings around the UK

Monday next week I will be heading to England for what is known as the Naked winemakers tour. This does not mean that I’m going to travel naked over England. No, you can relax!! It means that our importer, Naked Wines, is organizing READ MORE

Life on the Douro part 2, by Zev Robinson

Zev Robinson is back with Life on the Douro, part 2. After spending one week in the Douro and Porto last February during the Explorers Tour of Roy Hersh, Zev is now presenting us the second part of his project on the Douro READ MORE

Brazil: thoughts after one week of tastings

After spending my first week in Brazil I’m now flying back to the motherland. I had such a wonderful time in Brazil, in this huge and frenetic country of the South America, where you feel little bigger than a grain of sand on READ MORE

Is wine art, culture or a little bit of both?

I am getting more and more convinced that wine should be seen as art rather than a beverage. Drinking a glass of good wine is like contemplating a piece of art. The more you go through it, the better you understand what is READ MORE

Wine Bloggers Conference 2010 – another great meeting, this time in Vienna

You all know that the guys on this side love social media. That’s why we try to attend the most relevant wine social media/ bloggers conferences regardless where or when they take place. There are two of these conferences in which we want READ MORE

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