Two controversial points in my speech at Vindouro

Vindouro oscar quevedo There are some amazing traditions that have been created from the beginning of the 21st century that I truly want to keep alive. One of those traditions is Vindouro, a wine, food and culture festival which takes place at the beginning of September in my town, S. João da Pesqueira. Additionally, there […]

Trip to Niger – the wedding that will mark all my life

This year has been marked by a rainy Winter, a hot Summer and by the high number of weddings I am attending to. One of those weddings was far away from the Douro. Mouna, the bride, is from Niger and Andreas, the groom, is Hungarian, who I met when I was working in Madrid. Due […]

1960 Vintage Port Tasting in London – the first good harvest of the great 60s

A couple of weeks ago I attended one of those tastings of Port Wine that I have been dreaming of for a long time. Tom Archer, a Port Wine enthusiast from the UK, who would be 50 on May 2010, was the perfect excuse for the members of The Port Forum set up a tasting of […]

Sarah Ahmed at the 50 Great Portuguese Wines organized by Viniportugal in the UK

Last week, while I was in London, I went to an event organized by Viniportugal to promote Portuguese wines. Its name is 50 Great Portuguese Wines and it goes on its 5th edition. Since 2005 Viniportugal has been inviting, every year, a wine expert to taste and select 50 wines that he or she considers […]

2007 Vintage Port tastings – from Denmark to Germany after Portugal and Brazil

This is definitively a special Port Wine. The 2007 Vintage Port declaration has received a lot of attention not only from Port enthusiasts, but also from media and retailers. In the last weeks we made a special tasting of our Vintage 2007 in Denmark for the Port-aficionado clients of our distributor in the country. During […]

Pairing Quevedo Rose Port and Nespresso Leggero

During the last week-end in the Porto & Douro Wine Show, which took place in Lisbon, there was something that caught my attention: Port and coffee parings! Great experience to have a sip of Nespresso Leggero coffee, followed by a sip of our Rose Port and then enjoy the tasting of this blend in your month! […]

Vintage Port 2007 General Tasting at Palácio da Bolsa, Porto

Yesterday Quevedo attended a tasting of Vintage Port 2007 for the Portuguese press and trade in the Palácio da Bolsa, in Porto. The tasting, organized  by the IVDP, by the Porto Wine Producers Association and by Essência do Vinho, got together around 50 producers only for tasting their Vintage Ports 2007. I had already tasted […]

The Live Harvest is over, amazing results; now we need some rest

Quevedo Hosts the First Live 2009 Harvest in the Douro

Quevedo, Port and Douro wine producer, is streaming live the harvest in its vineyards in the Douro to a wine tasting room in London. The live video will be shown next Tuesday, September 22nd 2009 in a big screen of the Boutique Wineries Tasting’s (BWT) main room. At the same time, all the video streaming […]

Vindouro wine fair and Port Wine auction in S. João da Pesqueira

After spending a wonderful week in Denmark, I’m back to the Douro, where this week-end took place another edition of Vindouro. This regional wine fair is attracting more and more visitors to our town. Indeed I�ve never seen so many people in S. Jo�o da Pesqueira as I saw for the fireworks last Saturday at […]