My 12 weather wishes for 2012

1. 2012 should start with 5cm of snow in January, painting everything of white 2. a very cold February, to help wines to clarify 3. sunshiny March so blooming almond trees will look gorgeous 4. rainy April, creating enough reserves of water in READ MORE

Is Port Wine making the population of the Douro richer?

Currently, the global economic situation, with a local and international crisis with reduction of Port Wine production and the difficulties that some vinegrowers are facing, made me reflect about the impact of the Port Wine production in the population of the Douro valley. READ MORE

Harvest 2011 – half of the grapes harvested

The second week of harvest is gone and temperatures persist high. Too high for what we wished. Summer is almost over but it is still hot in the Douro. High temperatures make our life both in the vineyards and at the winery much more READ MORE

A word to the month of May

May brought to Quevedo lots of good news. May, the month of strong storms and rains in the Douro, that in some years destroy our crop, was, this year, also a month of bonanza. We found distribution for our Port Wine in 3 READ MORE

3D prinitng in the wine business

Have you heard about 3D printing? The only magazine that I read every week, The Economist, recently made an article about this that I strongly suggest you to read here, 3D printing on The Economist. How does this work? Imagine a machine similar READ MORE

Brazil, the new destination for Quevedo wines

For those who read a post I wrote here about our goals for 2011, you may still remember that one of our missions for 2011 is to find an importer for our wines in Brazil. Since the time I wrote that post, on READ MORE

A glass of wine helps to forget the economic situation

In the last months Portugal has been receiving more attention from the international press that it was used to get. And it is not only to talk about its wine. Actually, it is the kind of publicity that no one wishes. The current READ MORE

Olive harvest is over and delicious organic olive oil produced

Few of you know that besides my family’s passion for grapes, we also like olives. In fact, we like them so much that we have 20 hectares of organic olive trees. Although they require a lot of work, the good part is that READ MORE

The Douro wine quiz

Do you dare to test your knowledge about the Douro valley? We worked out a quiz, together with Luiz Alberto from The Wine Hub, about the Douro valley and Port Wine. The Wine Hub provides weekly quiz about wine from different regions and READ MORE

Open that special bottle of Port for Christmas Eve

Tonight is a special night, it is a night to spend with the family until very late, while you wait for Santa Claus. I hope you’ve already chosen the wines for the next hours. If you want to make the night unforgettable, make READ MORE

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