Judging Our 2007 Vintage Port – We rather you do it

At its most basic level, wine tastings are a fun experience. We check out the wine’s color, smell its bouquet, and most importantly, we taste the wine. Universally, this is accepted as the essential steps of tasting; but the irony is, we all have different sensations, feelings and experiences towards each and every wine. Some […]

Bad weather conditions damage our winery

The bad weather of the last week-end left a trace of destruction almost everywhere in Portugal. After landslides reported in Azores, heavy rain in the north and center of Portugal with floods in the Tejo valley, in the Douro the troblemaker was the wind. At our winery, the most affected part was the roof of […]

Music-pairing: Rosé with Ruby?

Last week, we were watching Porto-Arsenal at a friend’s and Óscar brought the new Rosé Port for a preview tasting. Forgetting football, food and friends, the Rosé was the best part of the evening. And somewhere in the second glass of it, a music came to my mind as a perfect pair for the wine: […]

Works at the winery – what comes next?

This is a photo of the area around our winery. In the last weeks we have been working in this area. At the same time, in the edge, we have planted some olive trees.  My question for you is: what will we do in this area? Tip: until some months ago there were red vines […]

Douro river is rising – dams can’t sustain all the water

How many of you can recognize this road? And how many of you know where this dam is located? It has been raining a lot here and the soils can’t absorb more water. So all the water goes down the hill, quickly reaching the streams that take the water to the Douro river. Is this […]

The snow is again in the Douro – bring the skiis, we have some nice slopes

The snow is covering the Douro valley of white. Beautiful scenario in a very cold and rainy Winter so far. At the same time, these cold temperatures are helping in the clearing of the wines. But enough is enough and also our pet thinks we don’t need more cold. Spring, we are all waiting for […]

Our vineyards flooded

Although feasible, I swear we are not spending our time on fish farming nor growing rice in our vineyards. The responsible for this scenery is the heavy rain that has been falling during the last weeks in the Douro. Even though it is absolutely necessary as the vines need to accumulate reserves for the upcoming […]

Rose Port: many consumers loved it but some still say this is not Port

It is time to ask for your opinion. Six months after we have first released our Rose Port and 3 months after we had run out of it, Rose Port is controversial. Many people think Rose Port was a great idea. But there are still some more conservative enthusiasts who defend Rose Port is not […]

Hey Santa Claus, there are 10 things you can bring me over

It is Christmas time and as far as I know Santa Claus is already on his way to Linhares de Ansiães, the small village in the Douro valley, where my grandparents from my mom’s side were grown and where I will have the Christmas dinner. I don’t like to ask for anything, specially because I […]

Snowing in the Douro right before Christmas

We are white again!!! After two days of low temperatures and very cold winds, it snowed in the valley. All happened tonight, probably between 1am and 6am. I don’t know exactly, as I decided to go earlier to bed so I could have time to read the addicting Port and the Douro by Richard Mayson. […]