Quevedo is participating and live broadcasting Adegga Wine Market

Today, Tuesday December 8th, if you are in Lisbon and you want to enjoy a glass of wine, I would strongly suggest you to go to Adegga Wine Market. The venue is the Teatro Aberto located in the Praça de Espanha and you can find there 20 wine producers, from all around Portugal and many […]

Tasting Port Wine and Douro Wine in Hong Kong

I will start this post asking you where in the earth have you seen a video like this. Do you remember? Thank you regular reader of this blog. You are right, it was a couple of months ago and at that time we made a Summer Quevedo Port Wine tasting in Denmark. This one was […]

Visitng Amorim’s factory; the problem of TCA in the wine

During the last weekend it took place in Lisbon the second edition of the European Wine Bloggers Conference. As it had happened last year, I had a lot of fun, I met bunches of new people and drunk many many Portuguese wines. Later this week I’ll make another post with my thoughts about the the […]

Fermenting 5 varietals separately for Port Wine; showing all the process live

Saturday we harvested the grapes, we crushed it and trod it. Are are showing all the process here. What you are seeing is the Touriga Franca fermenting. Wednesday, October 1st: All the musts were already fortified. I will come back soon with more news about this.

In the aftermath of the Live Harvest here are my thoughts

Last Tuesday was the most important day of my life in the wine business. Okay, I have only joined this world some months ago, but September 22nd was special. From 9am til 7pm we live broadcast for 10 hours the harvest from the vineyards surrounding our winery. The idea came from London, to show live […]

Today is the BIG day – Streaming Live the Harvest in the Douro to Boutique Wineries Tasting in London

Stream videos at Ustream

Quevedo Hosts the First Live 2009 Harvest in the Douro

Quevedo, Port and Douro wine producer, is streaming live the harvest in its vineyards in the Douro to a wine tasting room in London. The live video will be shown next Tuesday, September 22nd 2009 in a big screen of the Boutique Wineries Tasting’s (BWT) main room. At the same time, all the video streaming […]

Do you want to see our vineyards? Why not to start a live broadcasting?

Dear readers of our blog, Over one year ago we started posting our comments and ideas about the Douro, the vines and the wine in general. I personally never expected we would attract some much attention from all around the world. It is time to reward your loyalty for our blog. I’m sure some of […]

Harvesting white grapes for Port and Douro wine

We have been dedicating the last 48 hours, this is, this last week-end, to the harvesting of white grapes. Every year we spend a whole weekend only harvesting white grapes. This year the harvest started 16 days before the one last year as the ripening accelerated during August. In order to maintain the freshness and […]

And finally… the rain came to the Douro

After one week of hot temperatures, it finally rained in the Douro Valley. It stormed heavily on Saturday noon, for around 4 hours. I’m not sure if the rain caused any damage to the vines or to the bunches, but I would say no. I think this rain can help to slow down the ripening […]