Wine tastings in Douro Museum

On July 25th Quevedo did not only participate in the American Wine Bloggers Conference, but also showed its wines in the tastings organized by the Douro Museum in Régua, Portugal. The last three weekends, this museum had space dedicated to the wine producers READ MORE

First thoughts of my trip: US economy is not good, but that is not bad for wine

During this first couple of days in New York I have been spending some time focusing on peoples’ behavior. It is not difficult to figure out that the American economy is not breathing health and there is two indicators that help me to READ MORE

Living in Germany? Now you can buy Quevedo online

Since the begging of July our wines, Ports and Douro, are available in Germany. Wein-im-Internet is an online wine shop based in Berlin and managed by Mr. Frank Biesler. This shop is selling our wines through Internet. All our portfolio is available, so READ MORE

Roy Hersh comments on Quevedo Rose Port

Editor’s note: early May we had the pleasure to receive the visit of Mr. Roy Hersh, from For the Love of Port, during the Fortification Tour 2009. On Mr. Hersh’s newsletter of June 2009, which is always one of the best sources of READ MORE

High temperatures and a big Storm visit the Douro

Yesterday afternoon it was really hard for me to drive away from the Douro. All day with very high temperatures well over 90º F (32º C), the vines green and beautiful, probably also suffering a little bit. It was too hot even for READ MORE

UK Wine Consumer Habits Study – Please Participate in this Survey

A group of four MSc’s students of the School of Economics and Management (UCP Lisbon) are carrying out a survey about the UK wine consumer preferences, focusing on Port Wine. Dear readers from UK, please take 15 minutes to fill this out. Here READ MORE

Living in Lisbon's metropolitan area? Quevedo is delivered at home

News for the Quevedo wines’ followers living in the Lisbon‘s western metropolitan area: now you can order your Quevedo preferred wine on-line and it will be delivered in your place. This is possible due to a partnership between Loja do Bairro, a local READ MORE

To grandpa João

Note from Oscar: I received this message from Pedro and Bruno, after my Grandpa João passed away on the 5th of March. I think I should share with you. “Two hands will be missed when the bottling line is moving faster And a READ MORE

The 10 Secret Ingredients of a Porto Quevedo

One could say that a bottle of Quevedo is just made of grapes and barrels and wisdom and time. But the truth is that there is much more than that… 1 – The siestas of Grandpa João in the van just after lunch READ MORE

And The Winner of a Port Wine Kit – Menu For Hope 2008 is…

The winner of the Menu For Hope 2008 riffle has already a name: Maria Schellpfeffer. Yeah, this Californian will soon have a great Port Wine Kit with a Port Wine Tongs, 2 official Port Wine Glasses, a Port Wine Filter, a Port Wine READ MORE

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