Presenting a documentary about Quevedo in New York

Quevedo is heading to North American, for its annual trip, with the same purpose of the trip in 2009: to attend to the American Wine Bloggers Conference. The conference will take place from June 25th to 27th in Walla Walla, WA. But before flying to the west cost, we will show our wines in New […]

Tasting Port with friends and a hard revelation

A couple of weeks ago, when I visited London, I participated in a very special tasting at Crusting Pipe, co-organized by two Brit friends I met last year in the Douro, Derek and Alex. Wine has this attractive, easily puts a group of people together to discuss and to have fun. And I enjoyed a […]

The big boys of Port Wine are joining the wine social media

What a nice surprise I got today when I was reading one of the Port forums I use to follow, For the Love of Port (the other is The Port Forum): Symington and The Fladgate Partnership, two of the top five producers of Port, are embracing the wine social media. The crew at Quinta dos […]

How well Danish people pronounce “Quevedo”?

Since a couple of months ago, we have our Port Wine available in Denmark. Although this is not a very big market for Port Wine, the Dannish have the tradition of drinking Port Wine as a desert wine or with the coffee. Moreover, they have a good knowladge of the different types of Port and […]

Tasting Port Wine in Seattle with local Sommeliers at over 35 C (95 F)

During the last week after the Wine Bloggers Conference, I flew to Seattle to visit Roy Hersh, from FortheLoveofPort. Right after my arrival, we made a sightseeing tour through the Public Market Center and after that we rode the duck, a fun trip in a bus-boat around the center of Seattle, including a diving in […]

Our blogger Bruno gets married – Time to celebrate!

Quevedo is still celebrating! Besides the launch of the Ros Port, this week brought us another not less important event: Bruno’s wedding! Although Bruno has been away from posting on our blog, he continues to bring a lot of ideas and innovation to Quevedo. After a 6-year relationship, Bruno and Lucia decided to get married […]

Roy Hersh Visiting Quevedo during The Fortification Tour of May 2009

As I wrote some posts ago, during the next months we here at Quevedo will have some offline meetings with people we use to have online conversations with. The first of this meetings was with Roy Hersh, who come to the Douro for the Fortification Tour. Fortification Tour consists in a trip organized by ForTheLoveOfPort, […]

The Côa Valley and its Paleolithic carvings – Côa Museum will come soon

From Porto departed 20 Douro lovers for a weekend of good friends, good food, good wine and many laughs. And this time we didn’t only dive in the river (we didn’t miss the Côa!) but also in the prehistory that vibrates in Foz-Côa: we visited the Paleolithic carvings of the Côa valley, drawings of aurochs, […]

New Douro Winery Blog Set up: Welcome aboard Churchill Estates!

A couple of days ago, Ryan Opaz (thank you amigo) gave me very good news: Churchill Estates, the Port and Douro wine producer is joining the wine social media! Its blog, which is independent from the company’s site, is updated by the founder of the company, Johnny Graham. Take a look and do not forget […]

My Dear Douro – Everyday I feel more proud of being from the Douro.

This stately landscape that makes the senses stagger easily , feeds the soul and give us energy to live every day. The Douro so majestically described by Miguel Torga, Joo de Arajo Correia and other poets from the region not so well known but with sonnets not less felt. The river, with the same name […]