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Café China combines Port and Chinese cuisine in NYC

Three years after making the first contacts to have our wines and Ports available in New York, we found Washington Square Wines to represent us. Jeffrey Ghi and Subir Grewal, the owners of the company founded last year, are passionate about Port and wine in general. When you put passion on what you do, the […]

Sparkling Quevedo Rose Port Sangaree

What you will read next is probably the best ever recipe for a Rosé Port cocktail. The first and only time I tried this cocktail was in Salt Lake City, two weeks ago, on a hot Summer evening, right before starting what we think was the first ever Port Wine tasting, with winemaker present, in Utah. By […]

How to cook crayfish, recipe from Finland

Few days before the harvest start and with the whole crew busy preparing the winery for receiving the upcoming grapes, I was traveling to the north of Europe to visit our clients. Of course my dad and my sister did not find this very fun, but for me was important and I could not postpone […]

Typical Polish dish in the launching of Quevedo Ports in Warsaw

Poland is one of the east Europe countries with more potential and interest for wine producers. With over 38 million people and a very low rate of wine consumption per capita (1.56 liters in 2008), Poland shall retain more attention from the wine world. It recently got ours! Although we have exported Port Wine to […]

Cheese made with Port – an English speciality

Last week I visited John Greenwold owner of Wine Fantastic, our distributor in England. Wednesday he hosted a dinner for his clients so we could all meet, discuss and taste some wines. When the cheeses came to the table something that received my attention and intrigued me: meat-color cheese with a kind of sauce on […]

Press Club San Francisco – a new wine experience

After a week-end in Napa and Sonoma at the American Wine Bloggers Conference, we spent a day of sightseeing in San Francisco. Everything was much better than I had imagined it… Alcatraz (which brought all the stories I’ve read back into my mind), the San Francisco Bay (with bikes and rollerbladers all around), Pier 39 […]

Do You Know Which Wines To Drink for Christmas?

Well, some of you do and some of you don’t, so for those who don’t know, I’ll try to help. The Christmas Eve dinner is particularly special for me for several reasons: all the family is together around a table full of traditional dishes; as the time draw on, we talk about old stories. I […]

So many flavours so many things to discover

As promised, here I am to share with you my last experiences about pairing Port Wine with food. The first experience was at the bachelor party of a friend, where the best man cooked a fantastic pasta alla norma (with eggplant and tomatoes), a recipe of the well known chef Jamie Oliver. For the wine […]

Port and Tonic, a Nice Marriage?

I probably have to apologize to those more conservative about Port. To those more liberal, I must confess and share my experience. I am not quite sure if this is the best place to talk about cocktails with Port, but as we promised to share all our wine related experiences in the Quevedo’s web, I […]

Pairing Port, how easy?

A lot has been spoken about pairing wine and food. In the internet there are a lot of websites that seek to offer the best suggestions about the perfect pair between a wine and a good dish. The final purpose is always to relish both wine and food in its fullness. I invite you to […]