Can you find the rabbit?

Most animals love to feed at sunrise. This is was this rabbit was doing. Where is it? Big tip: in the main road! Oscar

New cardboard boxes supplier comes with a surprise: Quevedo goes green

Yesterday our old cardboard boxes supplier visited us for a commercial meeting where I made a great discovery. We had been working with this company for many years but recently a other player made us a much more competitive proposal and we decided to switch. When I was explaining to the salesman that we changed […]

The end of the Christmas season used to mark the best time to harvest our olives. And this year was not an exception. Beside the 250 acres of vines, Quevedo farms 50 acres of organic olive trees. Since 2003 we are growing our olives free of any chemical and farming in an integrated organic process. […]

Could Port Wine use other closure than cork? No, not for now

In recent years, or maybe even in the last decades, there has been a considerable amount of research about wine closures. Some defend cork, others screwcap, and some advise for the t-cap (very hard to find a producer however!! – do you know any?). In countries with a long wine production track record, cork is […]