A weekend walking along the Douro railway

An ambitious project of the end of the XIX century, with the aim of connecting the northeast of Portugal to the Spanish city of Salamanca, inspired the kings of both countries to work together in a railroad endeavour. On the Portuguese side, the railroad was built along the Douro river while on the Spanish side […]

Priorat and Douro – similarities and differences between these two wine regions

There are places on Earth where we can still travel in time. At least in the wine planet. Places where technology, chemistry and machines are totally relegate to a lower level of importance. Places where mass wine production processes are barely known. Places where every single grape berry counts, as there are very little. That […]

Cable car in Vila Nova de Gaia – great view over the city of Porto and Port Wine lodges

After the big changes witnessed last decade in the regions of Algarve and Madeira, during which these two Portuguese regions became appealing places for tourists, now is the time for Lisbon and Porto to embrace the second phase. For Porto, one of the most important attraction for the tourists is the Port Wine history, and […]

Alto Douro Wine Region – 10th anniversary of UNESCO’s classification

Today is a special day for the Douro valley. Ten years ago UNESCO classified the Alto Douro Wine Region as World Heritage center for its long history of wine production by traditional landholders, for some 2,000 years. But what really gave name and fame to the region was Port Wine, which records show a first […]

Quevedo’s Port Wine Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia

Since many years ago, Vila Nova de Gaia, the second biggest Portuguese city in population to Lisbon, has had a very important rule in the Port Wine business. It was from the dock of Vila Nova de Gaia, right before the mouth of the Douro river that Port Wine used to be shipped, mainly in […]

What to visit, and how to travel through, the Douro Valley

This is a question that some of our readers ask me, and instead of replying on an email, I will make my suggestions here. If you only have one day to visit the region, make sure you go to the Douro as early as possible. A car will help you moving around, because one of […]

Trip to Niger – the wedding that will mark all my life

This year has been marked by a rainy Winter, a hot Summer and by the high number of weddings I am attending to. One of those weddings was far away from the Douro. Mouna, the bride, is from Niger and Andreas, the groom, is Hungarian, who I met when I was working in Madrid. Due […]

The best place to see the Douro valley: Miradouro de Vargellas

This is probably the most beautiful place to contemplate the Douro valley. Located in the top of Quinta de Vargellas, this viewpoint makes me feel small, very small. I was there this week-end with my friend André from Adegga and I realized that the Miradouro de Vargellas surprised me once again. I always find something […]

When the Douro river has this color it means heavy rainfall

The river that crosses the valley where I live has not this name randomly. It comes from its color, which means “golden” in Portuguese. After the heavy rainfall of the last months, the Douro river is more yellow/brown/ golden than ever. Soon, boats will start to bring tourists to see the landscape and to visit […]

Quevedo Hosts the First Live 2009 Harvest in the Douro

Quevedo, Port and Douro wine producer, is streaming live the harvest in its vineyards in the Douro to a wine tasting room in London. The live video will be shown next Tuesday, September 22nd 2009 in a big screen of the Boutique Wineries Tasting’s (BWT) main room. At the same time, all the video streaming […]