First thoughts of my trip: US economy is not good, but that is not bad for wine

During this first couple of days in New York I have been spending some time focusing on peoples’ behavior. It is not difficult to figure out that the American economy is not breathing health and there is two indicators that help me to justify it: there is a considerable number of shops and offices for […]

What Comes to your Mind when You hear the word “Azores”?

When somebody says Azores I think about green land, cows, milk, blue beaches with dark sand, bananas and pineapples, massa sovada and bolo lêvedo and FAMILY! Yes, I have family in São Miguel, the biggest and more developed of the nine islands of the archipelago. Just Santa Maria is not exclusively from volcanic origin,but also […]

The Douro Valley from the Sky: Quinta do Vesúvio/ Senhora da Ribeira, Pinhão and Porto/ Gaia

When I fly to or from Oporto‘s airport I always try to grab a seat by the window. The airport Francisco Sá Carneiro is near the city center and the runway is in the direction of the city. So while taking off or landing, if the sky is clean, you can surely enjoy the city […]

Quevedo visiting Quinta de Ervamoira owned by Ramos Pinto

A couple of weeks ago I spent a nice week-end with some friends in Foz-Côa. This city, located in the Douro Superior, is known as the capital of the almond trees, which are very beautiful during the flowering period. Foz-Côa got some international attention in the last years because during the 90s there were found […]

Presentation of Winery Blogging for Wine Tourism Conference

Wine Tourism Conference winery blogging View more presentations or upload your own. (tags: web 2.0) After spending the weekend learning and speaking at the I Wine Pleasures Conference in Sitges, Barcelona, I wanted to share the presentation we showed in our talk. I have to confess that I am really happy to see so much […]

Quevedo Will Attend to the I Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop

From January 23th to 26th will take place in Sitges, Barcelona, the 1st Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop. This event, organized by Wine Pleasures, will put together wine buyers, such as importers, distributors or retailers, and wineries with the purpose of promoting business relationships. During the event there will be several conferences […]

Where To Go When Visiting Porto

The city of Porto is known for giving the name to Port Wine, and is like a balcony on Vila Nova de Gaia, the place where the tastings that decided the declaration of a Vintage were formerly done. It’s also in Vila Nova de Gaia where are located the cellars of the traditional companies of the […]

Birthday Gifts: This Year, A Book; The Helicopter Will Come Next

I received a book today, two weeks after my birthday. I could say it is gorgeous, but exact word may be tasty, or something that tastes so good that one wants to save it for somo special occasion. As I don’t know when will that occasion come, I didn’t resist nor felt sorry: I opened […]

The Harvest 2008: How The City Guys Saw It In Quevedo

Editor’s note: Since 2002, my friends from University have come to our winery one week-end during the harvest, helping us to pick-up grapes, to bring it to the winery and also to make wine. This year the ritual was the same and we asked João Sarmento to write about that week-end and post it in […]

Spying in Saint Emilion

Hello again, back to the story of my tour de France. In the day after the Vintage tasting, I got Denis’ bike on the train and departed to Saint Emilion. Less than an hour after, I was in a lovely medieval village, very touristic and well preserved: almost a case-study of historical heritage conservation, and […]