2011 harvest: first control of the grapes development cycle

After one month of absence due to my wedding, which was in July 15th, I am now back with fresh news from the vineyards. As usual, we make our first maturity control on August 10th and this year was not different. This first READ MORE

The Douro was under attack: midew came and left a big mark

Growing grapes is far from being a predictable process as we rely a lot on weather conditions. Sometimes too much. So much that adverse weather can destroy what we think is a good crop. And that is what happened with our Tinta Roriz. READ MORE

Climate change: how it is going to affect viticulture in the Douro Valley

Editor’s note: One of these days, I was going with Luiz Alberto from Porto to the Douro when we started talking about the eruption of the Icelandic vulcano Eyjafjallajökull in April last year and its effects on grapes ripening in the Douro. Other READ MORE

Torto River and its similarities with the Douro River

The heavy rains of the last days painted the Torto river of very unusual colors for this time of the year. This light brow/ golden color, that is in the origin of the name of the Douro river, which in Portuguese means golden, READ MORE

Warm temperatures and rain mean early harvest

During the last days, the weather in the Douro has been very unstable. It quickly changes from clear to a heavy storm, similar to tropical countries. Temperatures move between 15ºC and 28ºC in the middle of the afternoon. And when it rains it READ MORE

Shooting control in the Douro – removing what is not necessary for the vine

Every year after the harvest, the vines go through a dormant phase. At the end of the winter, this dormant phase finishes and the new shooting comes out from the bud breaks selected during pruning. Most of the time, the vines shooting is READ MORE

Another generous harvest in the Douro?

The new vegetative cycle for the vines is at full steam. After pruning the vines during the Winter, at a time that vines show very little activity, with Spring comes bud break and flowering to the vineyards, bringing new green fresh colors to READ MORE

Douro, the narrow valley

The Douro Demarcated Region spreads over a total area of 250,000 hectares, with around 46,000 hectares planted with vines. It extends from the boarder with Spain, in the Douro International area, where the river divides the Portuguese and Spanish territory, to Barqueiros, on READ MORE

How the Port Wine benefício system works

One of the crucial questions to perfectly understand the Port Wine industry is the beneficio system. Due to its huge complexity, the beneficio is almost all the time a thorn in the side of those who are not from the Douro but want READ MORE

Raining during the harvest, fortunately 50% of the wine is already made

The scenario is pretty disappointing. It is raining heavily in the Douro valley for over four hours and there is no signal of ending. We harvested today in Quinta da Trovisca, before starting raining. But now the soil has plenty of water and READ MORE

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