Mechanical grape sorting system for premium wines

Now that the harvest is over, it is time to share with you one of the most amazing machines that the winemakers have now available (at a pretty high cost) to sort grapes. This new grape sorting system is working in Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, one of the most prestigious and serious wineries in Alentejo, making the […]

2012 harvest in the Douro, in a blink

We are slowly approaching the end of the harvest in the Douro valley. After few days of rain in the end of September, the weather was pretty good, with temperatures around 20º and dry weather. Early this week, it rained again and it is just complicating our work. If the rain we got in the end […]

Douro harvest 2012: by the seventh day it came the rain

Every single month since November 2011 has had a lower record of rainfall than the long term average. And now that we started harvesting, it rains. Is this possible? The whole year has been very dry, special during Winter when we had several weeks of dry weather, with the sun shining from morning till evening. […]

What is TCA – cork taint and how t-cork is made

In spite of the important role that corks play in the wine show, we have not talked that much about it on our blog. As you may know, cork is a natural product coming from the bark of cork tree. When I was visiting Amorim’s T-cork stopper unit few weeks ago, I thought it was […]

Fermentation stopped, work during Christmas

We are in December, very close to Christmas day, but we still have a red wine fermenting in our winery. Honestly, this is not a good thing. The alcoholic fermentation of this wine stopped before all sugars were transformed into alcohol, leading to a very tricky situation for the wine. So much that, if this […]

How does the grape destemmer crusher work?

With the harvest gone, it is time now to talk about one of the most important machines that we use to make wine. The destemmer crusher plays a very important role in the whole process of making wine. This is how it works: First, the grapes get into a cylinder, which is rotating at high […]

European Wine Bloggers Conference and a Live dégorgement

Another European wine bloggers conference gone. This time we met in Brescia, Franciacorta, Italy. As expected, there was a big focus on the sparkling wines from Franciacorta, which are nowadays known not only in Europe but a little bit everywhere. As I am not a fan of sparkling wines, I was satisfied to see other […]

Douro harvest in the Portuguese television

During the harvest, all those that make a living out of wine are always more excited. Time also moves faster and few hours are left to spend with the family. But harvest is special, so much, that we want to make sure that those who visit the winery or that follow us on-line can have […]

How we make Port Wine at Quevedo

Port Wine is the most well-known of all Portuguese wines and one of the most respected wines in the world. But there are not that many people knowing how is it made. Port Wine is a fortified wine, it means we add a 77% alcohol to stop fermentation, making it a little bit sweet. But […]

Farewell post to harvest 2010

We are done! 34 days and 10 hours later, we harvested all of our vines. This is the photo of the last basket of grapes to be taken to the winery. The last vineyard to be collected was Pojares, a property in the family for long time. It is located in the top of our […]