(English) 2011 harvest: first control of the grapes development cycle

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  • Tom Archer

    Oscar – that looks like a very good reading at this stage of the season.

    Did you have some rain a few days ago? There was none predictedon the forecasts that I follow, but I noticed that the risco de incendio ratings were dropped across most of Portugal..

    • 匿名

      Hi Tom,

      No rain during the last weeks. Actually, I guess that the reduction on the probability of fire results from a drop of temperatures. In terms of temperatures, 2011 was an average year, not as hot as 2004 or 2005 and not as cool as 2007 or 2008. Information about fires and temperatures here, in Portuguese likehttp://www.afn.min-agricultura.pt/portal/dudf/relatorios/2011/resolveuid/cbe2b8adb33f286fe7595700e2868d1c

  • AdrianOliveira

    Boa vindima e, vinho a condizer.
    Em Portalegre, j temos uva no ponto ptimo de maturao.Na prxima semana damos inicio colheita do branco e, o tinto segue de seguida.
    A casta castelo est um pouco atrasada, se compararmos com anos anteriores.O excesso de calor parou a maturao.
    saudaes amigas,
    Adriano Oliveira