(English) American Wine Bloggers Conference – a great opportunity to see how Californian wineries promote their wines

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  • http://www.thewinesleuth.co.uk TheWinesleuth

    Hi Oscar,
    sounds like you had a great time at the WBC! Sadly, I missed it this year but am looking forward to the EWBC in Oct. What a shame the conf. is getting more commercial and less personal,seems that the conf. is a victim of it’s own success. Having attended last year’s conf. and made some great friends, many of whom I keep in contact with via Twitter, I wonder if the same effect will result from this year’s conference. Nonetheless, it’s still a great opportunity to meet bloggers and see how we market in the USA. See you in Lisbon!

    ps. I had the same problem with the wines when I went last year – they’re all so big and heavy!

  • http://quevedoportwine.com/ Oscar Quevedo

    The WBC was a huge success. That’s indisputable. This year there was over 250 participants, what shows the attention and respect it gets from the wine social media.
    But it is getting more commercial, and I’m part of the commercial group, which I think can soon dominate the conference. And that would be bad for all…

  • http://20dollarwineblog.com C. Jason Mancebo


    It was great to meet you at WBC09 and we’re looking forward to seeing you in Lisboa in a few months.

    Our thanks for sharing some great wine with us at the ViniPortugal tasting!



  • http://www.quevedoportwine.com oscar

    Good to see you are already preparing your visit to Portugal, starting by learning Portuguese!!!

    Hope to see you in Lisbon in October!


  • http://reignofterroir.com Ken Payton

    Oscar, I’m coming to Lisbon! See you soon!

  • http://www.quevedoportwine.com oscar

    I Ken, this is great! More people from the WBC coming to Lisbon!

    Looking forward to see you there and to share with you more Portuguese wines!