(English) An old bottle of Port Wine made by the family half century ago

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  • Michael Grisley

    Wow! Thank you so much for not only a quick history lesson on Port, but also an insight into your family- truly amazing Oscar! I’m so glad the gentleman who gave you the bottle was so kind and that your family now has a beautiful piece of your wine making history back under your own roof. Obviously, it’s in your blood because you continue to make wonderful ports and wines- Happy New Year!!

  • Andy Velebil

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story and kudos for that fine gentleman who brought this bottle back home where it belongs.

  • Steve Santos

    Great story. Hopefully I will get to stay at your Grandfather’s place next time I go there.
    Happy New Year

  • João Cruz

    “Os meus pais s�o os donos da sua �ltima casa, a qual estamos agora a reconstruir para ser utilizada pela fam�lia e amigos.”

    Linda história. Realmente o vinho do Porto desafia o tempo. Não marca uma só data, marca um percurso desde essa data até agora. Liga o passado com o presente.

    Boa Sorte e tente manter dessa forma alguma recordação dessa história nessa última casa.