(English) Fungus developing inside a broken bottle of Quevedo LBV 2003

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  • http://[email protected] Jeff

    Is that Mycoderma? Port Vinegar?

  • http://www.quevedoportwine.com oscar

    Right Jeff, it may be Mycoderma aka flowers of wine. What really surprises me is to see that during these months since the bottle broke, all the liquid evaporated from the glass, which was in a close cardboard with very reduced ventilation. Nice article about this here http://www.bacchus-barleycorn.com/catalog/article_info.php?articles_id=25

  • http://theportforum.com jeff

    Great opportunity to start a Vinegar mother.
    Can you imagine a small barrel of family port vinegar aged in barrel for a 100 years??? You would have vinegar that rivals those of Moderna!!

  • http://www.quevedoportwine.com oscar

    Actually we have a barrel of vinegar but we are not big fans of vinegar. Port vinegar is much more difficult to achieve, but this ball of fungus could be a good beginning!

  • http://theportforum.com jeff

    Forgot to ask, when are you swinging by ny?

    any chance on july 7th?

  • http://quevedoportwine.com/ Oscar Quevedo

    I’ll send you an email. Actually I’ll be in NY on June 20th and 21st.