(English) Harvard University hosts a seminar about the Douro and Port Wine

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  • Pedro Serra

    Congratulations. It is really great to know that a colleague as reached this level of achievement. I hope you have succeeded in showing the greatness of your products. I also hope that someday your business project can be presented as case study (of success obviously) on the Harvard University.

    • Oscar

      Thank you Pedro!

  • Jeff

    Do you know what’s only a train ride away from Cambridge Mass? =)

    that’s right NY … we’re having a tasting this friday if you swing by!

    • Oscar

      I’m already in Portugal Jeff, I flew last night directly from Boston, no layovers in NY! I hope you have a nice tasting of Port anyways! Are the bottles ready?

      • Jeff

        yes, we have a dows 70 lined up that we won at auction, i think a taylor 87 may be included along with something maybe from vesuvio

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