(English) How is the upcoming harvest showing up?

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  • http://comeforthewine.blogspot.com/ Marcy Gordon

    Hey Oscar-
    Very interesting post. I learned a lot by reading this and think the video is a great touch. Really helps to be able to see exactly what you are talking about and get a feel for what is happening in your part of the world.

  • http://www.vinixa.blogspot.com Vitor Mendes

    Hi scar!

    As i was there last sunday, i could now add what i have seen to your very good report on the situation at this time. It looks like youll have to harvest a little bit sooner!! Hope everything works just fine, and thank you once again for your hospitality, you are a great host, and your passion for Quevedo wines is contagious to all the people who knows you.