(English) How Many Grapes are there in a Bottle of Port?

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  • http://joseeduardo.wordpress.com/

    Dear Pedro,

    Your maths really caught my eyes. Congratulations on the wonderful post.

  • http://www.fortheloveofport.com/ Andy Velebil

    Interesting numbers,

    So how does that translate into how many bottles of Port can be produced from an average vine at Q. Vale d’Agodinho?

    • 匿名

      Andy, I will help Pedro with these numbers!!!

      - Quinta Vale d’Agodinho (QVA) has around 50,000 vines
      - it has an average production of 90 pipas, this is 67.5 tones, or 1.35 kg per vine
      - with 1.35 kg we can make around 1 liter of must
      - a bottle of Port has 80% of must and 20% of brandy
      - the brandy is not made with grapes from the QVA but obtained externally
      - so a vine at QVA can produce an average of 1.67 bottles of Port, excluding the brandy!

      Not much… these ladies think they are nobles…

      • Andy Velebil

        Oscar, thanks for the info.

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