(English) In the Douro wine region, which bank of the Douro river produces more wine?

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  • Thomas

    A typical oscarquestion! Gives me the opportunity to make a trip up the Douro and down in the coming night, thank you Dr Quevedo! I hope to wake up in time.
    “Douro river bank” means: not the adjacent valleys?
    Miss you!

    • Oscar Quevedo

      Mr. Kern, great to have you back! I’m sure that trip lasted for several hours and the wake up time, as a good German, was not postponed!

      It means all the adjacent rivers and valley in each bank… you must know this, if not you, who else?

  • Andy Velebil

    I started counting last October, I got to 97 vines then I saw a table with a glass and some open Port bottles on it……Never did get back to counting :)

    I have no idea, but can’t wait to find out.