(English) Is there more “Port Wine” in the world besides the one produced in the Douro?

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  • http://www.ftlop.com Andy Velebil

    I couldn’t agree more. Port is from Portugal, period, end of story!

  • http://eatingadelaide.com Alex

    Don’t be too sad, Oscar, as Australia is re-branding fortifieds. Sherry & Tokay have been renamed Apera & Topaque, Champagne (& many other French terms) is never used and Port is next on the list. To be honest, many Port-style wines in Australia are no longer labelled Port anyway so hopefully this change will happen sooner rather than later.

  • http://quevedoportwine.com/ Oscar Quevedo

    Hi Alex,

    Good to know Australia is already working on re-branding fortifieds. In any case, I think any change in the legislation will come late and after some confusion be inflicted to the consumers. But better late than never.

    Thank you for your comments, from a WSETs A A Calem Port Award ;-)

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