(English) IVDP – How to approve Vintage Port

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  • http://marcin.jagodzinski.waw.pl/ Marcin Jagodziński

    What will you do with these 6l bottles?

    • Oscar Quevedo

      Sell some and drink the rest ;-)

      • http://marcin.jagodzinski.waw.pl/ Marcin Jagodziński

        The party should be pretty big to empty 6l of Port ;)

  • Gerwin

    Hey Oscar,
    I’d also for sure like some magnums of the 2011VP! And I’ll just come over for a visit, when you plan to open a 6liter one in the (distant) future!! :-)

    • Oscar Quevedo

      I don’t know your numbers, but 6 of us are enough for an Imperials’ party!

  • Andy Velebil

    Oscar, thanks for posting this. I’ve never actually seen one before. Quite cool to read (as best as my poor Portuguese reading allows, LOL)

  • Jeff

    Love those 6L bottles =) looks like NY may take up to 15% of your total production ;-) Let’s get that Quevedo brand going!