(English) Port Wine sales are growing in 2010 while Quevedo opens to new markets

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  • http://twitter.com/Winepleasures Wine Pleasures

    From our experience of organising an annual Workshop event for wine importers to meet boutique producers from Iberia we are seeing many transactions happening (orders of 3-4 pallets per year) particularly from importers in the USA, Belgium, Japan and Singapore so the trend looks positive for the small to medium sized producer in terms of exporting wines.Chinese too are starting to think about non French wines!

    Best of luck with Brasil! They’re the number one fans of Portugal!

  • Eus Wust

    He Ceasar, i mean Oscar, you’re well on your way concurring the world. Congrats!

  • http://www.prgrisley.com michael grisley

    Oscar, hopefully we can continue the growth here in the US for you- you can be sure that we’re doing our best to make Quevedo as popular as the “big houses” here within the next few years!

  • http://www.quevedoportwine.com oscar

    But Romans only conquered the south of Netherlands, right? Or did they conquer all the country?!?

    And, of course, they didn’t reach US soil! Eus, you’ve to think in another civilization!