(English) Quevedo is finally exporting to the US

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  • http://www.travessiawine.com Marco Montez

    Fantastic news! Congrats to the Quevedo family.

  • http://jerezwine.com Justin Roberts

    Congratulations Oscar!

  • Congratulations scar for achieving your goals. It takes time and perseverance but it finally paid off.

  • http://www.prgrisley.com michael grisley

    Well, Oscar, we finally did it – even if it did take a few years!! I can’t wait to start working with Quevedo in the US. Thank you and the entire Quevedo team for all your hard work and dedication, it shows in your wonderful ports and wines!



  • Andy Velebil

    As you already know I am very happy you’ve found an importer for the USA. I can’t wait for them to be available. Congratulations to you, the rest of the family, and the entire Quevedo Team!!!!

  • http://quevedoportwine.com/ Oscar Quevedo

    Thank you all for your comments!! It’s great to see your support!

  • http://www.vinixa.blogspot.com

    scar, Ive told you for several times, but is never too much to say that I and Vinix team believes that Quevedo are a great producer! In fact your proactivity and dinamic is on the base of all the success of your brand. Vinix knows how hard it is to get to the US market, so this is really a major achievement for the entire team. Plus, you found the right importer! PR Grisley is becoming a fantastic importer, knowing how to promote and fight for our brands! What a wonderful work theyve been doing! Congratulations also to Michael and Peter! I know youll be successful with Quevedo wines!