(English) Using QR Code to Market Quevedo Wines

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  • http://www.vintank.com Paul Mabray

    Ryan and Gabriella (Catavino) – Amen to you both for this innovation and adopting this – I blogged about how great this was in 2006:


    and am so glad to see it in action. Mad shout out to you both. You’ll have to share more about what you embedded in the info and how the market reacts.

    Way to start off 2009!

    Paul Mabray
    Chief Strategy Officer

  • http://www.quevedoportwine.com oscar

    Thank you Paul to share your nice post. Your predictions are now coming to the Port labeling!!

    We will definitively follow up with this QR code experience here in our blog. And we want to know what people would like to find embedded. Share with us!

  • http://www.vin65.com Andrew

    Nice. I was wondering when I would start to see QR codes show up on wine labels. Why to be out on the on the technical edge.

    I recently changed my Twitter Avatar to a QR code and Paul Mabray got it, but I’m not sure how many others got it.

    I do think the QR codes will be up and coming – we still need more cell phones, etc to integrate the technology better.


  • http://www.prgrisley.com/blog michael grisley

    Oscar, we can’t wait to begin work with Quevedo and I think the QR codes will be that “something extra” that consumers will enjoy as they explore new tastes here in the US. I firmly believe that we will start to see many more producers using QR codes to reach new consumers and helping to educate them about what they are searching for and purchasing. The even more exciting thing about all this is that it’s a Portuguese producer leading the way!!!!!



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  • http://www.cortesdecima.pt Carrie Jorgensen

    We have also been working with Andr Ribeirinho of Adegga to make a dynamic wine label by using the QR Code linked to the database on the Adegga website. We think it is a great idea! Andr has uploaded a very good video explaining the whole idea clearly and simply here – http://blog.adegga.com/dynamic-wine-labels/

  • http://www.cortesdecima.com

    Nice work Oscar. Just to let you know that we are also going commercially with the QR Codes for the US and Canada. The size of the image is still an issue but we already managed to reduce it to 2×2 cms with excellent results. Keep us posted about your results.


  • http://quevedoportwine.com Oscar Quevedo

    Hi Carrie, thank you for your nice comment and link. Andre’s video makes it easier to understand. Very good to know you’ll also use QR Code technology Jos Eduardo. As more wineries join this technology, more impact we all have in the consumer.

    We are currently testing the 2×2 cm QR code. Although this shorter than recommended version could bring some scanning problems with older phones, a bigger share of the back-label devoted to the code would make it impossible.

  • http://www.adegga.com Andre Ribeirinho

    Congratulations Oscar and all of the Quevedo team!

    Being a first mover (together with Cortes de Cima) is a great achievement. In an often conservative industry these kind of innovative approaches are certainly the way to go and get more drinkers / customers.

    I’m happy we provide the technology behind the QRCodes and help Quevedo in this new world of online technology.

  • http://www.sergetheconcierge.com Serge Lescouarnec


    Let me know when it hits the shelves in the US so I can write about it on Serge the Concierge.
    Will be happy to taste your creations if a tasting takes place in the New York area.

    A bientot

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

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  • http://www.757mls.com Sean Schroeder

    QR codes are making there way here. I have been investigating the use of QR codes in my business of selling real estate. The nice thing is that producing a QR code is FREE, the programs to read these codes are FREE but best of all, this technology enables the consumer to retrieve more information about the product or service.

    Sean Schroeder

  • Lora Aroy

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