(English) Will Forest Fires in the Douro Valley affect the quality of 2010 wines?

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  • Glenn E.

    I sometimes find a light smokey bouquet in Port and like it, so as long as the fire-induced smokiness isn’t strong it should be fine. It does seem odd that it can’t be detected during fermentation, though.

  • Hei! Conheces o blog da Ins Cruz, o viavitis.com.br? Ela tambm fala deste assunto, em http://blog.viavitis.com.br/2010/08/17/incendios-poderao-afectar-a-qualidade-dos-vinhos-portugueses/

  • Joe Gates

    I am a little surprised that a fire would happen in the Douro valley.Having never been in the Douro,but seeing alot of pictures,one gets the impression that every slope is planted with grapes.If there is alot of nearby forests,do you have a bird problem at harvest time?

  • http://quevedoportwine.com/ Oscar Quevedo

    Hi Joe, actually only around 18% of the total area of the Douro valley (250,000 ha) is planted with vines (45,600 ha). The rest is forest, with olive and almond tree, the other important cultures in the Douro. You have to come over and see it, I’m sure you will enjoy!!