(English) Wine in an one-glass bag; is this what modern consumer wants?

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  • http://[email protected] Jeff

    ugh. Talk about cheapening the experience of sharing a bottle.
    Though, I would inject a bag of fonseca 63 intravenously

  • http://www.popabroad.com Jassen

    If the branding had something more to do with a different consumer perception other than one glass then perhaps the packaging could work and you would like to open it. Just an example of this idea: pretend you are on a beach and there is this bag of wine called Slibby. Slibby is also a sort of action/game/something fun that can take place between friends and the packaging is essential for the game/action/something to take place.

  • http://www.negreiros-vinho.blogspot.com

    Bom dia. Sou incapaz de pensar num uso planeado desse saco, mas acho-o muito indicado para ter sempre connosco – para alguma emergncia.
    Abrao e parabns invejosos mas sinceros pelo prmio ao blog.

  • http://www.wild4washingtonwine.com William Pollard

    Where’s the straw? No thank you.

    Oscar, great to meet you at WBC10 in Walla Walla.

  • http://www.quevedoportwine.com oscar

    Hi William, there is no straw, you need a glass, or you have to drink it directly from the bag, which is not very glamorous…

    The same here, a pleasure to meet you in Walla Walla. Hope to see you in Virginia next year.