First thoughts of my trip: US economy is not good, but that is not bad for wine

Manhattan 520 amDuring this first couple of days in New York I have been spending some time focusing on peoples’ behavior. It is not difficult to figure out that the American economy is not breathing health and there is two indicators that help me to justify it: there is a considerable number of shops and offices for rent in the center of Manhattan, and Starbucks is not as packed as it used to be.

But as some reports and data show, recession is not always a bad thing for the wine business. I have seen a lot of people drinking wine, wine shops and the wine sections of supermarkets have people buying and importers seem to be still looking for European wines.

Thus, the current market situation is not a reason to put me down and I will not throw in the towel: my mission is clear, to find an importer for our wines!

This photo was taken at 5.20am from our friends’ apartment in New Jersey.