Francisco de Quevedo, the Spanish writer of the XVII century


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Those who have searched for Quevedo on a web search engine, have already noticed that there is a prominent writer with the same name of this family, Quevedo. Fracisco de Quevedo is not dedicated to winemaking but literature, as he was one of the most important Spanish writers of the XVII century. He lived surrounded by nobility at the royal court, providing him with the necessary time and conditions to study theology and to dedicate time to write.

I made some research to check if there is any connection between the Quevedo family that lives in the Douro for some generations and the family of this Spanish writer. As expected, I couldn’t find any kind of relation. Maybe some extra research is necessary. But for now, I want to develop my knowledge about the work of this writer with who I share the surname, and for that I will start by reading “La vida del buscón” or in English, “History of the life of the Swindler”, Francisco de Quevedo’s masterpiece!