Harvard University hosts a seminar about the Douro and Port Wine

Port Wine seminar at Harvard Law School

Today I was in one of those places that you don’t really know if you will ever have a chance to visit during your life, though you know that you really wanted to. It is a well respected place, for its history, tradition and impact on the society. That place is the Harvard University. Here, I had the chance, together with my friend Luiz Alberto from The Wine Hub, to give a seminar about Port Wine and the Douro. All came from nothing (as almost all good things in life), when I was confronted with the possibility of heading to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to share with the Wine Club from the Harvard Law School what is Port Wine, where is the Douro and what makes both so special.

All this resulted in an amazing experience. The students at the seminar were well interested in knowing more about Port, which some of them, were trying for the first time. Seeing the faces and feeling the excitement of this young and clever crowd of future judges, lawyers, senators or entrepreneurs, makes me believe that there future ahead of Port Wine is going to continue as long and bright as it has been. Some days are special, and today is one of those for me. Cheers!


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