How we make Port Wine at Quevedo

Port Wine is the most well-known of all Portuguese wines and one of the most respected wines in the world. But there are not that many people knowing how is it made. Port Wine is a fortified wine, it means we add a 77% alcohol to stop fermentation, making it a little bit sweet. But what really occurs is what I want to show you with this video. Take a look and if you have any questions you know where to find me.

Click here to see an older video of real fortification of White Port.


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  • Marcygordon

    Great video Oscar! Can’t wait to visit the winery in Feburary.

  • Meeshelle999

    I have a small vineyard on my property in northern California, and was looking to make some port, and your video showed me how! Thsnk you! Michelle

  • oscar

    I’m looking forward for your visit Marcy!