In the Douro wine region, which bank of the Douro river produces more wine?

Yesteday, while I was in an event, which I’ll cover latter here in our blog, I was asked which of the Douro banks makes more wine, the north/right or the south/left. I don’t know the answer but I will do some research to find out. What is your felling? In one week I’ll post the correct answer.


Note from Dec 20th 2010: the correct answer is right/north bank. Although the voting was divided, the north bank produces around 60% of the total wine made in the region. Figures in liters in this order – Port Wine (before fortification); still wine; total wine

Right/north bank:

Alijó    7,775,050; 8,204,283; 15,979,333

Peso da Régua    6,116,550; 4,078,944; 10,194,994

Santa Marta de Penaguião    4,760,170; 5,160,674; 9,920,844

Sabrosa    4,429,390; 3,259,759; 7,689,149

Vila Real    2,638,320; 2,706,929; 5,345,249

Murça    1,948,130; 2,392,897; 4,341,027

Carrazeda de Ansiães    2,439,010; 1,528,301; 3,967,311

Mesão Frio    1,599,510; 1,081,665; 2,681,175

Vila Flôr    1,520,716; 1,143,575; 2,664,291

Freixo de Espada à Cinta    1,499,100; 884,093; 2,383,193

Moncorvo    1,459,239; 668,655; 2,127,894

Alfândega da Fé    69,190; 23,330; 92,520

Mirandela    65,490; 10,826; 76,316

Total    36,319,865; 31,143,931; 67,463,796

Left/ south bank:

S. João da Pesqueira    9,180,126; 6,862,628; 16,042,754

Foz-Côa    5,644,328; 5,691,096; 11,335,424

Lamego    3,786,720; 2,740,209; 6,526,929

Tabuaço    2,866,330; 1,541,721; 4,408,051

Armamar    1,776,180; 1,607,096; 3,383,276

Mêda    1,151,780; 1,234,450; 2,386,230

Resende    90,080; 245,485; 335,565

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo    155,590; 29,818; 185,408

Total 24,651,134; 19,952,503; 44,603,637

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  • Thomas

    A typical oscarquestion! Gives me the opportunity to make a trip up the Douro and down in the coming night, thank you Dr Quevedo! I hope to wake up in time.
    “Douro river bank” means: not the adjacent valleys?
    Miss you!

    • Oscar Quevedo

      Mr. Kern, great to have you back! I’m sure that trip lasted for several hours and the wake up time, as a good German, was not postponed!

      It means all the adjacent rivers and valley in each bank… you must know this, if not you, who else?

  • Andy Velebil

    I started counting last October, I got to 97 vines then I saw a table with a glass and some open Port bottles on it……Never did get back to counting :)

    I have no idea, but can’t wait to find out.