New cardboard boxes supplier comes with a surprise: Quevedo goes green

cardboard-boxesYesterday our old cardboard boxes supplier visited us for a commercial meeting where I made a great discovery. We had been working with this company for many years but recently a other player made us a much more competitive proposal and we decided to switch. When I was explaining to the salesman that we changed because of price of their cardboard, he asked me to see the product of his competitor, our new supplier.

When I showed him the new box he immediately told me that the components of that box were different. While his boxes were made with new craft paper, the ones we were now buying were actually made with recycled paper. I was so surprised that I asked him: “Really? So the reason why I’m paying less is because I’m getting recycled cardboard?” Yes, he affirmed. I couldn’t believe in what I was hearing, we were not only saving money and slightly reducing the price our clients pay for our wines but we were also saving the planet! This is the best of two worlds!