Our Passion Lead US to Improvement

Wine is a passion! We really enjoy what we do! It starts with the prune, then the first leafs show up and finally the harvest. In the winery you choose the right moment to pick up the grapes, you select the grapes to get balanced wines with the perspective of achieving a very nice collection of wines with your own style.

The vines are beautiful, the Douro Valley is amazing, Portugal is a nice country and some of your friends like your wines. You meet people, you eat and drink plentiful. But you cannot forget you must also sell your wine. Or at least some bottles!!! And this is also nice but not so easy.

Because that is not easy we in Quevedo decided to use some other marketing tools and set up a wine blog. We think it can help us to show the world our wines and probably people will like and enjoy it. In the last years we have been facing a good growth, our exports are rising but two base-countries are missing: US and UK. We are not exporting to any of these countries. And we want to!

So hands on approach and lets try to find a good ambassador of our wines. In the last months we exchanged some information with a couple of importers in the US, in the East and West. They gave us good feed-back, we sent some samples and now we are waiting for the approval. In all this process there was also time to burst out laughing: when one of our contacts received the samples, he prepared it so send to a government control agency but by mistake they were sent together with other wines to a distributor in the Midwest. The distributor opened them all and its seams he loved “every single one”. Well, he had to prepare new samples to send and in the meantime two more weeks had gone. Maybe this could turn out to be “a desirable mistake”!

We are really willing to share with the world the passion we have inside, and I hope we can share it with the US and the UK soon!

Óscar Quevedo