Port and Tonic, a Nice Marriage?

Quevedo Reserve Ruby with tonic by you.

Quevedo with tonic

I probably have to apologize to those more conservative about Port. To those more liberal, I must confess and share my experience. I am not quite sure if this is the best place to talk about cocktails with Port, but as we promised to share all our wine related experiences in the Quevedo’s web, I cannot turn back now (though I hope my father does not read this!).

Well, last week we had some friends at our place and we handled a wine tasting before dinner. We had finished the dessert and we were wondering about what to drink next. It was a warm and very dry night. We started with wine and we wanted to finish with wine. Wasn’t 82 ºF enough to forget Port? No, not enough. I looked at the fridge and could find some cans of tonic. In the shelve there was a bottle of Quevedo Reserve Ruby almost full. Maybe you are asking yourselves “is not Portonic with dry white Port?”.

Are you sure you can drink tonic with a ruby Port? (someone asked me). Yes guys, lets put it together. Ice, a lot of ice, 2/3 tonic and 1/3 of Port, this order. My first impression was quite tough: this is not Port, is like a random cocktail I could find in the worst bar. I am killing my business. But then, maybe 5 seconds later, people started to say: “not bad”, “I could order this in a disco”, “ohh, it is cool”. And I also started to like it. We discussed for some time and we concluded that this could be a nice drink to young people.

I will try again!

Óscar Quevedo