Port Wine – Humans Best Friend?

Touriga Franca - Quinta da TroviscaBefore I started drinking Port Wine, I associated it with a wine for special occasions. Back then, when I couldn’t even distinguish a Tawny from a White, I thought that drinking a Port required a group of moustache-cigar-pipe elders and an important decision to make.

Now, a few months after I dived in Port (and I have positively dived in it, believe me), I started seeing and drinking it as a part of my life, drinking it before dinner, on the rocks, or with peanuts, on a Saturday afternoon, or with some friends, in the evening, at the Galerias de Paris, the heart of Porto‘s night life, where many friends prefer vodkas-orange and whiskys-cola.

I’ve just noticed how, for me, only Port is tasty by itself, but I believe that it may also do well in a cocktail. Good challenge, to find what goes well with Port: Miguel Esteves Cardoso suggested pineapple…one must try it out! If you taste it, let us know.

Back to the subject, with what does Port match, I heard of combinations with music and with food, and I believe that there are many more with landscapes, books, journeys and seasons of the year. With such amount and quality of pairings, I feel that they are only one: Port pairs with Life. Ours!