Quevedo Port Wine Press Release for the day of February, 25th, 2009

Quevedo Adopts QR Codes on Wine Labels

Quevedo, the Port and Douro wine producer, is starting to use dynamic and interactive labels in its bottles. Quevedo  is incorporating a QR code (QR states for Quick Response) in the back-labels of its wines, which can be read with a cellphone. The bottles with this technology are available in Portugal since February and will be released in USA next May.

The info of the QR Code can be read in the restaurant, wine shop or in any other place, by scanning  the code with the camera  of the cellphone. The screen will show up a link to the wine database Adegga. There can be found comments from other users, as well as food pairing suggestions or tasting notes of the wine. Beside Quevedo’s wines there are over 10.000 wines from 50 different countries in this site.

To provide the cellphone with a QR Code reader it is necessary to download the software (free of charge) from Kaywa. The QR Code technology was created in 1994 by Denso-Wave, a Japanese company. Early 2008 Adegga.com and Catavino came up with this idea to use it in the wine marketing. One year later Quevedo joins the project using QR Codes for its bottles. The founder of the company, Oscar Quevedo, explains the adoption of the technology as: “The new labels will make it easier to share opinions about our wines to consumers all around the world.”

Quevedo is currently growing 250 acres of vines and 50 acres of organic olive trees in S. João da Pesqueira, Douro, Portugal. After launching the first Port Wine producer blog, Quevedo reinforces its commitement with new technologies using them as a direct and interactive way to communicate with the wine lovers, becoming one of the first wine producers to adopt QR Codes.