Hailstone 2 weeks before the harvest starts it is not what we in the Douro were asking for

Finalmente choveu no Douro, mas só numa pequena parte. Nas nossas quintas quase nada, mas em Alijó, localizada a norte de S. João da Pesqueira/ Pinhão, choveu fortemente. Na verdade, demasiado! Veja o video desta manhã e poderá constatar os danos causados pelo granizo nas uvas. Salte para o minuto 18.47.


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  1. Tom Archer 03 03UTC Setembro 03UTC 2010 | reply
    Well, I don't speak Portuguese, but that grower at Alijo looked very unhappy.. Bad luck to get damage like that just before harvest. Have you heard from any of the nearer port quintas? Did any of them also suffer hail damage?
  2. Oscar Quevedo 05 05UTC Setembro 05UTC 2010 | reply
    Hi Tom, I've been trying to get more information about the hail storm but it seems it was pretty localized. It rained in other villages/ quintas with no damages. Many people want to start harvesting by the middle of next week but the threat of rain on Wednesday and Thursday is making people confused. In any case, if it doen't rain we shall start next Thurday in Mós.

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