Porto Rosé: muitos adoram a ideia mas há quem diga que não é Vinho do Porto

Rosé Port É tempo de vos pedir a vossa opinião. Seis meses depois de termos lançado o nosso Porto Rosé e três meses depois de ter esgotado, o Porto Rosé continua a ser controverso. Muitos acham que o Porto Rosé foi uma grande inovação. Mas outros há, entusiastas mais conservadores, que defendem que o Porto Rosé não se assemelha ao tradicional Vinho do Porto e não deviria ser chamado de Porto. O que é acha?

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  • http://www.ftlop.com Andy Velebil

    Having tasted a number of these types of Port, including yours on a few occasions, I think they fill a void that other types of Ports don’t capture. While they may not be to everyone’s liking, from my experience sharing them with novice Port drinkers, Rose’ Ports have been a big hit. I too have enjoyed them well chilled on a warm summer day. I vote to continue to make them!

  • http://bonne-vivante.com Kat

    In a really hot climate (Las Vegas, NV), it’s a great way to enjoy a lighter port even when it’s too hot to want a ruby or tawny. Brought one to a party last summer and it was a huge hit, even with some hardcore Port drinkers who originally laughed at the idea.

  • Luis Gouveia

    In terms of the Porto brand it’s a good addition to the portfolio, as the pink was now a fashion in bevereges.
    In terms of the product was in the same niche of the White Lagrima. That means too sweet to be a real sales product. Also will be in the top of the list of the non light products, and this will be a constraint to the women’s consumption and generally to all that are worried with the diets and healthy consumption.

  • http://www.quevedoportwine.com oscar


    I think the sweetness issue is something adjustable to the tastes of the people. I disagree when you say that the sugar content can draw people away from Rose Port. Our Rose last year had lower sugar content than our regular Tawny Port and generally we make meddium/drier Ports. And in 2009 we went even further reducing the sweetness of the new Rose we will release in a couple of weeks.

    But I think Rose Port will never make big volumes.

  • http://www.prgrisley.com michael grisley


    Whether or not people agree with your decision to make a Rose port (or even if they consider it a port!) I think it’s products like your Rose port and producers such as yourselves who are helping to open up the world of wine to people who would otherwise not be interested. With the success that Croft has had with their “Croft Pink”, I think you’re one step ahead of other Port producers and you’ve created something unique and interesting. I say bravo for making the rose and I hope you continue to do so!!!

  • http://hubpages.com/author/Mark+Norman/latest/ Mark Norman

    Fonseca makes a dry white port and Trentadue (Geyserville, CA) makes a viognier port that are excellent…a number of Canadian (Niagra Escarpment area) makes white ice white…so why not a rose port. Is it appropriate for every occasion…not at all…will it go well in certain circumstances…probably.

    Are there times that a white burgundy goes better with a meal than a red bordeaux? You bet…so I’ll reserve judgement until I get a chance to taste.

    Who are you using to import it into the States?

  • http://www.quevedoportwine.com oscar

    Mark, we don’t have an importer for our wines in the US. But I hope in few months we find someone to work with. Hopefully P.R. Grisley from Utah.

  • http://www.prgrisley.com michael grisley


    I have submitted all the paperwork to the PLCB (Pennsylvania) and they have a process that takes a few weeks to see what they need/want and then will request some samples. Hopefully we will see some positive feedback and can make the Rose port available for everyone to try and make their own judgement!!

  • Montrealer

    Hi all, I found Rose Porto in a super market in Paris while browing around for some unexpensive wine (under 5EU) back in 2009 and fall in love with it! Brought a bottle back to Canada thinking of getting another one on my next trip to France. I recently went back and enjoyed it once again and many times, humm so good. Me and my partner brought one bottle each back home. Too bad you cannot find it in local liquour stores, not even in NYC when I visit sometimes. Porto Cruz Pink.