Quevedo is finally exporting to the US

This is a big step for a small family winery from the Douro. Few weeks after starting this blog, in July 2008, I put as two of our goals to find an importer for our wines in the UK and other in the US. Last November we found an importer in the UK: Wine Fantastic. And in April 2010 the first pallet of wine is going to the US. P.R. Grisley is trusting us and is bringing 6 different wines: Oscar’s 2008, White Port, Special Reserve Tawny, LBV 2003, Colheita 1996 and Vintage 2007. Some of these wines will be listed in the PLBC. Others, for now, will be available in a special offer that the Port Wine focused forum For the love of Port will make for its subscribers.

But I’ll talk about that later, now it’s time to celebrate and to open a special bottle from the cellar. This is a dream coming true!