Quevedo's Port Wine Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia

Quevedo lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia

Since many years ago, Vila Nova de Gaia, the second biggest Portuguese city in population to Lisbon, has had a very important rule in the Port Wine business. It was from the dock of Vila Nova de Gaia, right before the mouth of the Douro river that Port Wine used to be shipped, mainly in pipas but also in bottles, to all over the world. The entreposto of Gaia, which stands in front of the city of Porto (on the left/ south margin of the Douro river), was the only one where Port Wine could be exported from (until 1986 when Portugal joined the EU). This means that though Port Wine was produced in the Douro valley, over 100km away from Gaia, it had to be taken all the way down of the Douro river, to Gaia from where it then could be exported. This way, it is without surprise that many foreign merchants set up a warehouse or lodge in Gaia where they could store and age the Port Wine, which they would buy in the Douro for further shipment.

Quevedo lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia As a traditional Port Wine producer, rather than shipper, Quevedo never had a lodge in Gaia, just because during the life of our ancestors we were focused on the production rather than exporting. But since a couple of months ago we changed the history, opening a tasting room in Gaia. Here, besides all our wines, we have information about the terroir in the Douro as well as differences between the types of Port Wine that we produce. The lodge is located in Rua de Santa Marinha 77, in the square where the Santa Marinha church stands up. Do you know the street I am talking about? Another reference, our lodge is located on the lower part of the street where Taylor’s lodge and Croft visitor’s centers are located. This is the map of Quevedo lodge in Gaia.

Ana Paula, the manager of the tasting room, will be glad to guide you and happily show you our wines. I hope you enjoy this experience, and let me know what you think about it. You may also send me an email and if I’m around, I’ll show up!